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The Boutique Hotels of Val di Fassa

Seven locations, one unique journey

The white of the distant horizon set against the warm red alpenglow of the mountains gives the Dolomites a sense of timelessness. Our hotels are distinct places, within this magnificent setting.
We welcome the spirit of the traveller. Our hotels were designed to give guests freedom in terms of time, place and flavour as well as to offer sincere and rich traditional hospitality.
You'll find a sense of travel in our hotels which goes beyond the usual rhythms, sensations and tastes. It's an exclusive experience, as unique as our seven hotels.

A unique journey in to the Dolomites
If you choose to visit us, you will enter a unique world. Tradition on the inside and beauty all around. Walk out the door of one of our hotels and you’ll find yourself surrounded by the unforgettable beauty of the Dolomites. You have arrived.
We showcase a selection of seven small hotels in Val di Fassa (the Fassa Valley), a place with a long tradition of hospitality. We offer you a unique holiday experience in the most beautiful mountains in the world during winter and summer, the best seasons of the year.
Free guided excursion, every Tuesday!

The Boutique Hotel Val di Fassa, propose weekly on Tuesdays along summer 2017, a free excursion guided by a medium mountain guide, exclusively reserved for their guests. It will be a hiking tour in places of absolute beauty, uniqueness and environmental interest, suitable for good walkers and trained children. The chosen itineraries will be unique and away from the most popular routes in order to discover the most intimate, exciting and unknown Val di Fassa.

[ Mandatory advanced reservation ]

Boutique Hotels Dolomites / Val di Fassa
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Val di Fassa in the Dolomites - UNESCO World Natural Heritage
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