The boutique hotels and Ladin hospitality

Local traditions and culture

Here you’ll find an incomparable atmosphere. The Ladin world is ancient and unique and we are part of this culture. It's a culture made up of precious elements, including its traditions and ancient language, the spoken language of people like us, the Ladins. All these elements make us unique representatives of this place, especially with regard to the hospitality we have dedicated ourselves to for many generations.

The flavours of tradition

It's a journey within a journey, from the Dolomites to the Mediterranean. It’s a journey in search of the precious and distinct ingredients and flavours offered by the dishes from our kitchens. It’s also a mixture of food cultures. We recount our history through our dishes. Strudel tells a whole story in itself. And it's not alone. Every day, every menu has a story to be discovered. Here, everything is close by like the mountains, and it's these nearby products we use in our kitchens. In this way, the flavours of the dishes we offer are unmistakable. We choose mainly local produce with its characteristic tastes. Even the wines accompanying our dishes (and thus your vacation) are chosen to please.
Boutique Hotels Dolomites / Val di Fassa
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Val di Fassa in the Dolomites - UNESCO World Natural Heritage
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