The seasons at the boutique hotels

The magical seasons summer, winter, spring and autumn

WINTER - White is the main colour
Here in Val di Fassa, the heart of the Dolomites, everything is geared to spending the whole day on skis. It's a unique carousel of slopes and mountains that include the Dolomiti Superski area, the Sellaronda ski tour, ski gourmet opportunities, freeriding, snowboarding and cross country skiing. Here you can practice all types of winter sports. The area can also be experienced by walking for those who prefer quieter rhythms and putting on hiking boots or snowshoes. During the months from December to April, our spas and wellness centres offer everything for getting the most out of your holiday in terms of wellness, relaxation and pampering yourself.

SPRING - The start of summer in May and beyond - The red and pink colours of the azaleas predominate
It is a time of reawakening, which happens late at these altitudes. Nature rises out from under the snow, the meadows start to get their colour back and the flowers timidly bloom. It's a season made for adjusting one’s rhythm to nature by admiring the beauty of the surrounding area and getting a taste for some lighter flavours. It’s a time for taking care of yourself, listening to awakening nature, and looking out at the changed landscape with new eyes.

SUMMER - Green is the most important colour
These are intense days to experience everything and stay on the move. It's a season of long hours, for stocking up on light and energy and recharging your body with well-being. It’s about mountain living, from making your way to the refuges to walking along the paths in the Dolomites or rock climbing accompanied by professionals. It’s a time of light, flowers and the gleaming splendour of nature. If the weather is nice, the mountain is, after all, a welcoming, intimate and warm place. It's a small world completely to discover, visit and learn the culture and history of. Of course, shopping, is also a not-to-be-missed pastime.

AUTUMN – Our even sweeter part of summer - Gold is the main colour
Colours that warm and enrich your heart are an essential part of this time of year. The Dolomites take on a thousand colours at this time. The mountains turn pink at sunset and the sky seems to hold its breath in awe of the beauty of nature. The larch branches light up like flames. Silence becomes enriching, protecting and regenerating. In autumn, you can take walks at different altitudes, immerse yourself in the forest, bicycle and enjoy this season of rare beauty which makes way for winter. The hotels are quiet at this extremely enjoyable time. It's a period to get to know these places here and the people who inhabit them.
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