Val di Fassa

The Val di Fassa region in the Dolomites, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Val di Fassa is a small expanse of land, an alpine valley, rich in languages, legends, culture, traditions, sport, food, typical products and much more. The Ladins are the indigenous inhabitants of the Val di Fassa, an area of about 20 km which is surrounded by some of the most famous peaks of the Dolomites: Roda di Vael, Catinaccio, Sassolungo, Gruppo del Sella and Monzoni. Marmolada, the last of these mountains to have a glacier on it, dominates over the other summits like an undisputed queen. Sass Pordoi, also known as the Terrace of the Dolomites, has a spectacular rock overhang extending 2,950 metres above sea level.

The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage Site
Staying with us, the Dolomites are very close. So close, it seems you can almost touch them. Since June 2009, the Dolomites have been on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. Marmolada, Catinaccio (Torri del Vajolet) and Latemar are symbols of this special region. Mountains are diverse by virtue of their geology, environment and ecosystem as well as their appearance and beauty. Their summits, walls and location within a territory also make them one-of-a-kind monuments. This is the case in Val di Fassa, a valley considered to be at the heart of the Dolomites. The mountains there create a landscape unique in the world. They are the real reason for making a journey to Trentino-Alto Adige and enjoying a vacation in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy.

A world full of emotion
In every place you stay here, you will find all the elements you need for spending a unique holiday in the Dolomites. There’s the beauty of the awe-inspiring landscape, cloaked in winter snow or covered by green grass in summer with the clear blue sky above. There is also the silence of places that can be reached on foot, interrupted only by the tinkling neck bells of grazing cows or the sound of waterfalls descending from the mountain tops. Everything is to enjoy here, even on rainy days. We are sure the mountains will inspire you with real emotion because they are unique, as unique as the hotels that will be your home here.

The Boutique Hotels – a base camp in the Dolomites
Our hotels are the perfect base for exploring the Val di Fassa, the Dolomites and even the summit of Marmolada on foot this summer. In winter, our hotels are a privileged gateway into the ski resorts of Sellaronda and the Dolomiti Superski area. In this way, our hotels offer the possibility to spend an active holiday all year round.

The pleasure of being on holiday starts with the journey!

Connections to and from the airports in Verona, Milan Linate, Bergamo, Venice and Treviso.
Every Saturday and Sunday from 10/12/2016 to 02/04/2017.
The FLY SKI SHUTTLE (a winter service) departs from these airports weekly and brings you directly to our hotels in Val di Fassa.

Info & booking:
CALL CENTER +39 0461 391111
From monday to friday 9.00 am - 6.00 pm
Via Vannetti, 31 - 38122 Trento

FiemmeFassaexpress offers a shuttle service to Val di Fassa which is coordinated with the arrival and departure of the Freccia Argento trains in Bolzano at 13:15 and 15:15. A reservation is required for this shuttle service. During the winter, new shuttle connections will also be available from the airports in Verona, Bergamo, Venice and Treviso.

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Val di Fassa in the Dolomites - UNESCO World Natural Heritage
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